Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ann Legaspi-Co, In Her Mother's Footsteps

When I was a little girl, there was only one person from whom we would order our birthday cakes - Tita Maguit Jalandoni-Legaspi.  She made the best mocha and chiffon cakes I have ever tasted and of course, her unrivaled Mocha Sans Rival par excellence. From the time Tita Maguit passed on, the cake making business in Silay was reduced to commercial ones and there was no one who made cakes that tasted as good.  Our birthday cakes were never the same again. 

And so, when I saw some remodeling being done on a commercial space besides Tita Maguit's house and then this sign came up, I excitedly told my's back!   

Ann Legaspi-Co has inherited her mother's cake making abilities and through her, her mother's legacy lives on.  Ann has not only continued to make her mom's cakes and Sans Rival, but has added her own versions, like her delicious Frozen Brazos, which to me is the best in Negros. 

Sans Rival

Ann's Frozen Brazos unlike the regular Brazo de Mercedes, is not too sweet.  The custard filling is creamy but not too rich in taste so that one never gets tired of eating it.  I love that it is now available in smaller servings at the Silay store.  

Talking about the store...Ann Co Cakes is eye candy not just for cake and dessert lovers but for art enthusiasts as well.  Ann is married to Charlie Co, well-known Bacolod artist, sculptor and painter, and her store and decor reflects this relationship.  Even some artist friends helped out!

Wall art and sculpture by Charlie Co

wall art by Charlie Co

Rest room wall art

In Silay, heritage is not just about our ancestral houses and's also about CAKES!

Ann Co Cakes is located at Margarita Bldg., Rizal Street, Silay City, Negros Occidental with contact number: 0917 301 0938

Disclosure: All pictures in this page is courtesy of Ann Legaspi-Co.

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