Restaurants In Silay

Aside form culture and arts, Silay is also known for its food.  In fact a manug-libod (food vendor) who sells her goods in Bacolod when asked where her food choices is made from...she automatically says Silay...even if true or not, because she knows that the word alone would make a sale.  In the past there were not too many eating places because most homes cook great food and when there are parties, houses either borrow cooks from each other or hire Tya Taling...the best cook in town.  Today however, many new restaurants, small and big that have opened and owned by old and new families in Silay.  I have listed the bigger ones that I would buy and eat food from. 

  1. Cafe 1925 - located in Jose "Pitong" Ledesma St. behind BPI Silay.  It's food ranges from gourmet to homestyle.  Old family recipes of Lola Tilde Valencia can be found here.
  2. El Ideal - this place needs no introduction...the original fast food restaurant in Silay where one can order the best chicken sandwich ever. It is located at the main highway, besides BPI Silay.
  3. SIR - this family restaurant started the "turo-turo" type of eating place in Silay. From a simple bamboo structure, it has now evolved into a concrete structure with a play and parking area. It serves really good dinuguan. It is located in the main highway in front of St. Theresita's Academy.
  4. Lord Byron's - this is found in cor. Gomez and Jose "Pitong" Ledesma St. going to the airport. It's specialty: spareribs.
  5. Marhaba - located at Barangay Mambulak near Sunburst Bay Resort.  They serve affordable Chinese and Filipino cuisine.
  6. Richmond Inn - this is the restaurant of Richmond Inn Hotel. They serve a variety of dishes from breakfast to dinner.
  7. Hestia's - located at the main highway near El Ideal.  Their pork barbecue is really good.
Fast Food Chains
  1.  Mang Inasal

Turo-turo/Carinderia Type
  1. Michael's - from the highway, take a turn at Jose "Pitong" Ledesma St. going to the airport, it is a about 5-10 meters from the corner. It sells home-cooked meals in a turo-turo, carinderia type setting.  I like their bicol express.
Balaring's Seafood Restaurants

There are several restaurants by the sea in Barangay Balaring.  They more or less serve the same menu.  I have only been to one, Tama Plaza. To go there, one drives north and upon reaching the Provincial hospital, turn left at Lantad road. There are directional signs to follow.