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Tsokolate and Silay's Bizcocho Principe

An afternoon merienda staple in my grandparent's house was tsokolate and bizcocho principe.  The tsokolate is made from cacao round tablets (tablea) and fresh carabao's milk, although now-a-days because it is hard to get this, we use Alpine full cream milk instead, which is a good substitute in terms of taste. About 6 years ago, a friend who regularly goes home to Iloilo brought us tableas sourced from her hometown (Passi) and they smelled exactly like the ones my grandparents used to have. From then on, we would buy our stocks from her. It is also cheaper than the commercial one we used to get in supermarkets, the brand Antonio Pueo.  I also noticed that while before they only had the pure cacao, they have diversified into different products like the mixed kind of tablea which is more easily available here than the pure kind. But the taste of the Iloilo tablea in my opinion, is much better than this commercial one.

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To this day, we cook our tsokolate in the same way as my grandmother's cook, Culing did...pure unadulterated tsokolate! We would have it during breakfast, poring it over our rice, or afternoon merienda together with suman, toasted pinipig, but the best for me was bizcocho principe...the original Silay version...and it is not the sweet kind of biscocho with sugar and baked butter on top or the ones that taste like toasted sponge cake sold in Bacolod and Iloilo.  The bizcocho principe I grew up on was a crunchy, mildly flavored, breadlike slice that literally melts in your mouth. For the longest time I have been looking for the original...and failed.  The ones being sold in Silay are what they now call...Kinihad, thin slices of toasted bread much like biscochos without the butter and sugar.  SIGH...then one fateful day (exactly one day ago), my Mom attended a meeting and she came home with.....yes! the bizcocho principe of my youth!  She said it is available in Hda. Luguay, a farm near the northern border of Silay which operates a bakery that makes specialized bread. This is the family where the owners of the famous 21 Restaurant of Bacolod belongs to. The bakery, I believe is a joint enterprise between the owners and farm workers which helps augment income during off sugar season.  This afternoon we ordered 2 packs and it was delivered just before merienda time :)

my afternoon merienda-09/23/11 - Tsokolate and Bizcocho Principe
I might as well share my family's Tsokolate recipe. I can honestly say that none of the other commercial tsokolate I have tried tastes as well as ours...but of course, I'm biased.  It is very rich and probably (^_^) fattening...that's why we use the little cups :)

My Family Tsokolate

3 tablea
3 cups of Carabao's milk or 1 (one) 370 ml can Alpine Full Cream Milk

Melt 3 tablea in 1 cup of carabao’s milk in a deep sauce pan using medium heat. Once melted, pour the remaining 2 cups of milk.  Bring to a boil and start mixing using a batidor (see picture above).  How to use a batidor: Place it in the saucepan, then roll the handle quickly between both flattened hands until bubbles are formed in the tsokolate. Serve in small espresso cups.


To order Hda Luguay's special breads (french baguette, bizcocho principe) either call: 4950536 anywhere in Negros where there is a PLDT phone. You can order their products and they deliver anywhere in Silay. Or you can pick it up in an agreed location. Or you can drop by their is on the left side of the highway after the bridge before the road to Central Hawaiian, if you are coming from Silay City.


  1. CACAO..naaalala ko tuloy ang mga tanim namin sa bukid na mga CACAO..hehe


  2. Interesting history of tablea and a bizcocho principe. Requesting to repost this article in my blog.

    Salamat po.

  3. I LOVE tsokolate. But I've been warned before that it should be taken only after is has cooled down a bit because according to my lola, it can readily penetrate on our veins if taken while its still hot and once it cools it would clog the veins. I'm not really sure if it's true but I always follow my lola's advice.

    It's fun seeing a batidor. I used to play with it and make it as my microphone when I was younger. Lol! =)

  4. tablea!!! i love that! we use to make champorado at home!

    1. Hi Koko,

      I love tablea just like you. You might be interested with the tablea I'm selling. This come from Cebu and this business started on 1948(my granny's time)
      Pls visit

  5. I miss my lola :( she used to cook "tsokolate" for us when we were kids using tablea from our own cacao tree. Truly , its great to always remember our family's heritage. its nice to know that you still keep yours.

  6. Now you got me craving for a good cup of tsokolate! :D It's been a while since I've had one, but I'll definitely buy a bar tablea when I get the chance.. ^^ Btw, thanks for sharing your family's tsokolate recipe. Will try that soon! ;)

  7. I'll definitely try Iloilo's bizcocho! Can't wait for our Iloilo trip later this year. :D

  8. i love the tsokolate from tablea, it has a different texture than from the instant mix...

  9. Chocolate bar was also a part of my childhood .I remember, we always have it from my lola and we make champorado out of it. I like the biscocho with condednsed milk on it too.

  10. The Antonio Pueo brand has always been a favorite of mine, especially my lola's. We used to eat breakfast with this kind of tsokolate and we would dip in it some hot pandesal... I will keep your post bookmarked so that I don't forget to buy several tableas on my October Iloilo trip. :)

  11. I love tsokolate!
    And tablea for champorado is sooo perfect for rainy season. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  12. Chocolate never fails to satisfy my palate. Its "tablea" form combined with the creaminess of milk gives way to a perfect comfort drink.

  13. Just like you guys, I love tove tablea tsokolate and for champorado. I am from cebu and was in love with tsokolate from the time my late Granny introduced it to me. And now that I'm grown up, I made it as a business since I want other people to taste and experience this pure cacao tablea too.
    This product is made from pure cacao- no sugar added.
    You may check out my facebook page:

  14. Oh my doc, you had me the way, can you bring me pack of the biscocho prinsipe you are talking about on sept 24? I think I tasted this in my younger years and I couldn't remember where. I want to reminisce the taste, hehe thanks doc!


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