Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Inspiration

Last week a link shared by Mr Lloyd Tronco in the Negros Bloggers' Facebook page gave me food for thought.  Here I am with 4 blogs talking about my life and interests but none about my heritage, my roots, my city that has helped shape who I am today.  This post by Mr. Gil Camporazo has further reinforced that idea that it is time for me to write about about my wonderful city, Silay.  Although I was born in Manila, I grew up in this city and it will always be home.  Wherever I find myself is not long when my heart longs for Silay.  What exactly is it about Silay that I am so passionate about?  That is what I would like to find out too and hopefully writing this blog will tell me why.  For starters, Silay is where my home and my loved ones are.  The saying that home is where the heart is holds true for me. So, hold on tight and in the next posts, I will pick my brains and share with you my memories of Silay.


  1. Thanks red_starlight for I am of those who strengthen you to put in writing what you've in mind and what have you in your hometown for others to appreciate. Crack your brains. Share Silay memories... The Maker is your greatest inspiration for He creates everything beautiful including your heart, might and mind!

  2. Thank you Gil...and yes, today, the Feast of the Pentecost reminds me once more that everything comes from God. God be with you.


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