Saturday, June 29, 2019

Silay Stories: Lost Love, Lost Years

This is another Silay story about a lost love.  This time, it is a story that is close to my heart.

Once upon a time, a handsome young boy fell in love with a beautiful young girl.  This boy began to court the girl and not long after, he asked for her hand in marriage. The boy's family was well placed in local society and so, it was not hard for him to get permission from the girl's parents.  The engagement period was going to be a short one, because the girl being modest and conservative, believed that a long one only make people gossip.  But before we go on with the story, bear in mind that this was an age where an individual's behavior is judged by strict moral codes, and blood relationships are of utmost importance.

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Flying Saucer in Silay City

Did you know that there is a flying saucer in Silay City?


Well, there is one, but it's not the extra-terrestrial kind.

I am talking about El Ideal's Bakery and Refreshment's grilled cheese sandwich, which was aptly named flying saucer simply because it looked like one!  This was one of my comfort food since childhood, something that I always looked forward to whenever I went over to my grandparent's house during weekends. When I went to Manila for college, it was something I sorely other grilled cheese sandwich could quite compare to the flying saucer of El Ideal. And so, when it disappeared from the menu sometime in the late 80's or early 90"s, it was like losing a part of my childhood. Their reason was that the vintage sandwich maker they were using could not be repaired anymore and it was no longer sold by the store that used to sell it. It took quite sometime for me to get over my disappointment that my beloved flying saucer will never be back...ever again. 

Then a small miracle happened!  Mark Sanchez, (the original owner's great grandson) who now manages El Ideal knew of my flying saucer longing, and while on a family trip to Iloilo City, surprisingly found the rounded grilled sandwich makers being sold in one market stall there. 

And viola!

A really mouth-watering flying saucer sandwich.  It is different from your ordinary grilled cheese because the bread is generously buttered on the outside with melted cheese inside sealed with crisp edges. The bread is not flat but toasted/fluffy.  Yummylicious!

Now that they have several of these sandwich makers available, maybe El Ideal can now make several varieties of flying saucers aside from just cheese, like ham and cheese, bologna and cheese, pepperoni and cheese or maybe eggs too.  Meanwhile for cheese lovers like me, this flying saucer is enough to satisfy my comfort food craving.

El Ideal Bakery and Refreshment
Rizal St., Silay City
Telephone number: (034) 4954430

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Silay, The Home Of The Dulce Gatas

I grew up in Silay surrounded by food, from simple fares to not so very simple ones.  Every Sunday, our breakfast in my paternal grandparents' house would consist of tsokolate (made from cacao tablea and fresh carabao's milk), fried rice, scrambled eggs, vienna sausage, homemade chorizo recado and bas-oy ( an Ilonggo soup made of minced beef, tomatoes, onions...etc).  Meanwhile, next door was my grand-aunt's home where there was always some kind of food cooking in her kitchen, from pinangat, lumpia sariwa, homemade ice cream made of coconut, vanilla or cheese, but best of all was the Dulce Gatas (literally means milk candy). This Silay specialty was something "to die for" so to speak.